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We are a group of young Benin Economic Operators living in the USA who always thinks the promotion of the culture of Republic of Benin, So much that we do recognize ourselves in the diaspora and above all, our country has never known any war. We must explain 2 or 3 times to the American people were Republic of Benin is located before they can get it right. We have decided to showcase our country image and culture by providing this great opportunity of fun, cultural, animation, culinary and exchange weekend to allow our compatriots to better explain to our guests that Republic of Benin is one of the peaceful, economic stability, democracy, culture, love, voodoo and diversity on earth.

The aim is to promote the Beninese culture and make Benin known in the Diaspora and make our brother and sister live here in America. Recognize Beninese economics operators in the USA and allow our compatriots to know how to ask for help at the different American levels. To educate our compatriot on different diseases, to get them to invest in the future and how to start small businesses in the USA and be independent.

How we promote our cultural values:

  1. Organize at least 3 cultural events, BBQs, festivals, educational sessions, workshops, literature sessions, travel and sightseeing to allow our children to get to know our cultural values.
  2. Spending time with children in museums, parks, tourist sites and having conversations to allow them to always connect to things from home.
  3. To speak to them the language of Benin, at least a liver go to spend the holidays in the country, to make them visit the village, to speak to them of the HISTORY OF BENIN.
  4. Speaking about religion, tradition and respect for tradition
  5. Sharing with them the new theology of culture, traditional dance modernizer, art, songs etc …..
  6. Share with them and their friends the culture of Benin and help them to better understand our values.
  7. Bring them to wear our traditional clothes and eat our Beninois dishes.organizer lunch sessions with their friends
  8. Bring them to watch our films, dances, festivals, songs, and create small groups of dances in the neighborhood.
  9. Give them basic cultural education and enable them to grow in this direction
  10. And give them the opportunity to educate them for their actions. It is our duty to educate them for a cultural future and to meet the challenge. SO HELP ME GOD.

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