Helping children, elderly and promoting world cultural affairs in Cook County, and around the world!

Welcome to World Helpers International

World Helpers International helps the community with after school programs for orphans and children in Cook County and all over the world and attending to their needs. Same for seniors. We also promote cultures by helping musicians and artists promotions. We travel to different locations to help villages that need water or school etc…..

Our dedicated team is always ready to help you carry all your daily duties, your groceries, take your bath, your appointments, your doctors appointments, your park fun, your family meetings, your mall visits and many more….

We currently serve the Cook County area in the USA,  and we are in over 5 countries globally. We have more than 20 volunteers around the USA awaiting your call to help you in your daily activities. Our volunteers are ready to help you with your daily activities, move you around the community, to be your friends ,your partners and always be there for you when you need our service. Our volunteers are ready to give back to the community or occupy their free time or gaining their wisdom by helping YOU, the elderly people moving around. They come from all background of life and have created a profile for you to read in order to get to know them and make educated decisions.

For choosing World Helpers International, you will always get the right care and the right companionship at the right time.

Please use our contact form to tell us a bit about yourself and how we can help you get immediate assistance.



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